Integrated Solution for Globalization

We provide every service including translation
exchange rates, shipping, announcement, and integrated inventory management for the global seller.

Main Features

MakeGlob is a comprehensive solution for global online stores
that enables creating convenient multi-language online stores supporting
English, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean & providing global shipping, ads and payment services.

  • Automatic Currency
    Exchange for
    Product Prices

    글로딕에 등록 된 단어를
    자동으로 치환

  • Automatic Translation
    of Product Names

    언어를 대응 하고
    자연스러운 자동 번역

  • Global Payment
    per Country

    한국어 상품명만
    입력하면 자체기능인

  • Global Shipping

    상품명을 자동으로
    번역해 드리며

  • Linked
    Product/Order API

    글로딕에 등록 된 단어를
    자동으로 치환 하여

  • Language pack for

    한국어 상품명만
    입력하면 자체기능인

Create DesignFree

You may design and modify directly using the admin screen design feature
and use exclusive free designs provided by MakeGlob or get assistance from design agencies.

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Product Translation

MakeGlob provides automatic translation of product names using its own feature GLODIC
as well as Google Translation. Also, professional translation for product details are provided upon request.

  • GLODIC Word Management

    Automatic word conversion on GLODIC.
    Supports specialized words on some products.

    Provides Basic Translation Data

  • Google Automatic Translation

    Supports a variety of languages by linking the
    Google translation API with natural automatic translation

    Free Google Translation Linking

TIP ※ For detailed translation, high-quality translation service by professional translation companies are provided at a low cost.
Learn More about Professional Translation >

Global Payment(PG)

MakeGlob provides many global payment options such as PayPal and other local payments
familiar to customers in target countries for no cost.
Options are available for immediate use upon agreement with PG companies.

  • Details

    About EXIMBAY payment service

    Terms of Use

    Membership Fee
    KRW 220,000 (incl. VAT)
    * Additional fee of KRW 100,000 applies for China·Japan PG settings - (Currently on Free Promotion)
    Deposit Account: Industrial Bank of Korea / 078-134052-04-023 / Account Owner - KRPartners co., ltd
    Transaction Fee
    4.5% (incl. Card fee/ex. VAT)
    Annual Membership Fee
    Surety Insurance
    * Annual payment required
    * Fixed after evaluation from negotiating bank, approved within twice the limit of surety insurance
    Refund related
    Transaction Fee
    Payout Method
    Weekly Payout (purchased amount from Monday to Sunday is paid on a Thursday 3 weeks later)
    Payout Currency
    US Dollar (USD), Japanese Yen (JPY), Korean Won (KRW)
    * Choose from either the currency used for payment online or Korean Won (KRW)
    Available bank for payout
    USD: Korea Exchange Bank / KRW: Account from all Korean banks
    Wire Transfer Fee for
    Payout Amount
    Payment Option
    Default - VISA, MASTER, AMEX, JCB, PayPal
    Separate Screening - Japanese convenience store/bank payment, Chinese Alipay / UnionPay
    General authentication (2D)

    * EXIMBAY sets a limit to the number of monthly transactions and amount per transaction, as well as transaction with high-risk countries in order to prevent fraud.
    * The above conditions apply for Korean businesses. For foreign businesses, additional confirmation is required.

    Required documents and surety insurance

    구비서류 및 보증보험 안내
    Contract and required documents
    1 Copy of Business License
    1 Original Copy of the Corporation’s Seal Authentication Certificate
    1 Original Copy of the Corporate Registration Certificate
    1 Copy of the Corporation’s Account Book
    (For foreign currencies: Korea Exchange Bank,
    for KRW: all banks)
    Individual Business
    1 Original Copy of the Individual’s Seal Authentication Certificate
    1 Copy of the Individual’s Account Book
    Surety Insurance and Limit
    Surety Insurance and Limit
    Surety Insurance and Limit
    Fee: 1.271%
    Surety insurance amount is fixed after the evaluation from the negotiating bank. Monthly approval limit equals twice the surety insurance amount
    Request for a surety insurance amount increase if exceeded the limit
    Insurance is renewed annually
    Surety insurance amount is fixed after evaluation

    Contracting Process

    For your convenience, please apply for evaluation from the negotiating bank during the final phase of the online store creation. It may take up to 2 weeks from evaluation to contract completion.
    Contract with EXIMBAY will be proceeded via EXIMBAY customer center directly than MakeGlob.
    All communication regarding evaluation will be through e-mail only.
    • Sign up as an
      member store

      ·엑심베이 가맹점 가입

    • Evaluation from the
      negotiating bank

      Lead Time:
      Approximately 1 week

    • Establish Contract

      · Agree to Evaluation Terms
      · Complete Contract
      Forms via e-mail
      · Pay Initial Fee
      · Submit Required Documents
      · Link Sample Module

    • Convert Actual Payment

      Contract Establishment,
      After Contract Evaluation

    • Set EXIMBAY on

      Set EXIMBAY on

    Customer Center

    E-MAIL :

    Send to: Partners Tower 2 Room no.1106, 16,
    Digital-ro 32ga-gil, Guro-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

    Recommended for Beginners

    • ·Comprehensive support of dedicated payment option per country
    • ·Support Multiple Currencies
    • ·Fast Customer Service from Partner Domestic Company
    • - Membership fee: KRW 220,000
    • - Commission: From 4.5%
    • - Recommended Countries: ALL
  • Details

    About PayPal Payment Service

    Why PayPal?

    ·The Most Popular Global Payment Option
    PayPal, a subsidiary of E-bay, is the biggest electronic payment company that has 200 million users worldwide and processes 500 million dollars of transaction amount annually. You can gain trust for your online store from customers from oversea by enabling PayPal payment. * PayPal is the most preferred secure online payment option in the US.
    ·Fast and Safe Payment Option
    In countries other than Korea, orders are often held pending depending on the transaction amount at the time of payment. Especially for the initial order or a sudden or large amount order is received, the store goes through a separate credit information inquiry process (Credit Card Billing Address - Payment Billing Address - If your credit card user name does not match, you will be asked to confirm each time you place an order). If a credit check process is initiated, that order will usually be put on hold for 2-3 days or up to a week. However, this credit check process will be skipped if PayPal is used.
    ·Supports payment with multiple currencies
    PayPal supports all credit cards with a global payment feature issued from 190 countries worldwide. * Paying directly with KRW is not supported yet. Most payments are converted to USD.
    ·Short Payout Cycle and Low Transaction Fees
    PayPal’s payout cycle is 5-7 days, which is short compared to other global payment services. A card fee of 3.9% - which is at the same level with other services - applies. Both the store AND the customer wishing to use PayPal need to have an account each in their name.

    Terms of Use

    Membership Fee
    Annual Membership Fee (maintenance fee)
    Transaction Fee
    4.4% + USD 0.30 (per transaction)
    Refund Fee
    Payout Cycle / Payout Currency
    Whenever Requested / Korean Won (KRW)
    Payout Amount Wire Transfer Fee
    Free for payout amount above KRW 150,000 (KRW 1,500 for payout amount less than KRW 150,000)
    Payment Option
    Online Virtual Account, Credit Card (VISA, Master, JCB, AMEX etc)

    Contracting Process

    Recommended for Beginners

    • ·The Most Used Global Payment Option
    • ·Support Multiple Currencies
    • ·Easy Seller Membership Sign Up
    • - Membership Fee: Free
    • - Commission: 4.4% + USD 0.3 (per transaction)
  • Details

    About KSNET Payment Service

    Why KSNET?

    Terms of Use
    Membership Fee
    150,000 KRW
    Transaction Fee
    Additional fees such as annual membership, deposit, and etc.
    Refund related Transaction Fee
    Payout Method
    Twice per month
    Payout Currency
    Available Bank for Payout
    All Banks
    Wire Transfer Fee for Payout Amount
    KRW 10,000 per transaction
    Payment Option
    Credit card (VISA, MASTER, JCB)
    Contract and Application Form

    Contracting Process

    • Consultation for Membership
    • Complete Related Documents
    • Send Documents via Mail
    • KSNET’s
    • Set KSNET
      on MakeGlob
    Customer Center

    TEL : 1544-6030

    • ·Support for Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC)
    • ·Low Payment Charge
    • ·Fast Customer Service from a Domestic Company
    • - Membership Fee: KRW 150,000
    • - Commission: starting at 4.0%
    • - Recommended Countries: US, Japan
  • Details

    About Alipay (支付宝) Payment Service

    Terms of Use

    Terms of Use
    Membership Fee
    Transaction Fee
    2.9 ~ 5.0%
    Additional fees such as annual membership, deposit, and etc.
    Refund related Transaction Fee
    Payout Method
    Payout when transaction amount is above than USD 5,000
    Cycle (weekly, monthly, quarterly) payout available (additional fee may apply)
    Payout Currency
    Available Bank for Payout
    All Korean Banks
    Wire Transfer Fee forPayout Amount
    Payout in KRW - free / Payout in foreign currency - fee applies to accounts from other banks besides Korean Exchange Bank
    Payment Option
    Online Virtual Account
    Contract and Application Form
    Application after consultation

    ※ Contract conditions may differ according to policy change. Download Alipay Process Guide

    Contracting process

    • Sign up on Alipay

      ·Download Guide

    • Evaluation from negotiating bank
    • Establish Contract
    • Convert actual payment
    • Set Alipay
      on MakeGlob

    You can sign up on Alipay via EXIMBAY.
    For your convenience, please apply for evaluation from the negotiating bank on the final phase of the online store creation. It may take up to 2 weeks from evaluation to contract completion.

    • ·The Most Popular Payment Option in Greater China
    • ·Major Payment Option in Chinese Big Open Marketplaces
    • ·Consultation related to contracting provided by Glob
    • - Membership Fee: USD 1,000
    • - Fee : 2.9 ~ 5%
    • - Recommended Countries